Dharkcraft Clothes (Merry Christmas) v3

Add new craftable clothes to be able to use in their worlds simulating the java mods of clothes this addon adds 70 +17 pieces of totally placeable clothes

This addon is very useful for server reamls similar to the popular Karmaland series, all clothes will be at this time thanks for you.

Dharkcraft Clothes

Add new craftable clothing around 70 pieces of uitl clothing that protects you, all protect you the same and their multiple textures will make you go crazy

Clothing sample:

How is it crafted?

Most are made with their Iron formations:





Armor can be enchanted:



King and queen:

Just easy to use and apply:

all the clothes there are (the combinations are not necessarily these):


More clothes 152!!!

New recipes:

Do not forget if you make a video put the original link and mention me in the comments box of this addon if you make a video I would love to see it and LIKE it..

Iron armor protection:

the clothes are now wearing out.

The new update brings more than 200 clothes including Christmas:

Clothes 4D:

Установка мода на DHARKCRAFT CLOTHES (.mcpack):

  • Скачайте файлы мода с пометкой .mpack по ссылкам ниже.
  • Просто откройте файлы (через ES проводник на Android) и игра сама установит все необходимое.
  • Запустите Minecraft и перейдите в редактирование мира.
  • Выберите Наборы текстур.
  • Найдите текстур пак и активируйте его.
  • Выберите Наборы параметров.
  • Найдите дополнение и активируйте его.
  • Мод установлен, приятной игры!

Последняя версия: v3Совместимость: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

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